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Insulin Facts and Myths Part Two Article Three

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Did you witness our other blog on the medication of insulin? We discussed what it is, why we need it, and debunked some famous lies on insulin administration. We also promised a later post elaborating on a few more insulin myths and the truth behind them. And now, as promised, more insulin lies and what to really believe.

A lot of people think insulin changes your life for the worse. They believe this because they infer that with insulin, independence, living alone, and travel are no longer options for them. Someone can lead the same life they did before once they have been diagnosed with insulin. As a matter of fact, with insulin taking care of your blood, you may find that your life changes… for the better!

Perhaps you’ve heard that diabetes can cause- gulp- hyperglycemia. It is fact that insulin can trigger low blood sugar reactions. This can be helped with newer, long-acting insulin injections. It is very, very uncommon if a diabetic faints due to insulin usage. Stay educated on hyperglycemia and blood sugar levels to avoid having a bad situation.

Some say that insulin is a waste of money because it doesn’t work. They have been sadly mis-educated and think diabetes is a “sugar” problem while it’s really an insulin deficiency problem. Insulin is, in fact, the best clinically proven way to keep diabetes under control and maintain blood sugar levels.

You may have been intimidated if someone told you that insulin is forever. This is not necessarily true. Some Type Two diabetics only take insulin for a short time after being diagnosed or during pregnancy. Others lose weight and can manage insulin on their own. That is up to your doctor and mainly depends how much diabetes has harmed your body’s insulin- producing cells.

Have you been told oral medications work better than any insulin? While this is true for some, insulin may be an easier, better choice for you. Don’t get us wrong, some oral meds are fantastic for reducing blood sugar levels, yet “Some people respond to pills and some don’t,” explained Dr. Crandall.

You might think that now that you have insulin your diabetes is suddenly “serious”. Diabetes is serious no matter what medicines you require to manage. Insulin helps maintain blood sugar levels and promotes growth and development. It is part of your condition; administration of it doesn’t mean your diabetes has worsened.

Perhaps now you are better educated on myths and truths about insulin usage. Your doctor or health professional should be able to answer any more questions you have involving insulin. Thank you!

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