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Test Strip Search Supports JDRF Each And Every Quarter!

Posted by wendy in JDRF | Type 1 Diabetes

Test Strip Search was created to help provide reasonably priced testing supplies to diabetics who cannot easily afford their testing strips.  Test Strip Search purchases extra or unneeded diabetic testing strips from individuals and supports various online and offline resources that help uninsured or under-insured individuals get their supplies at reasonable prices.  Many diabetics find that diabetic testing strips are the most expensive and hardest testing supplies to afford.

We are also happy to donate regularly to our local diabetes clinic and our local animal shelter (yes, cats and dogs use testing strips too!)

A portion of our proceeds each and every quarter also supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a non-profit organization that continuously works toward a cure of diabetes.  We are proud to have received the Golden Sneaker Award for our 2011 support of JDRF.

When you sell your extra testing strips to Test Strip Search you are helping diabetics in many different ways.  Thank you for your support!

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