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Test Strip Search expands to Detroit!

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sell diabetic test strips

Test Strip Search started in South Bend, Indiana.

We started by buying, in person, test strips from people in the South Bend area.  We quickly realized there were folks all over the country who could use our service.  In 2011 we started offering our services through the mail.  We do a great job of buying test strips through the mail and think it is the safest, most profitable way to conduct business.

A lot of folks, however, have not heard of us or of our service.  These are folks without access to a computer.   We are opening an office in Detroit to serve some of those people.  The metro Detroit area has over 3 million people.  A lot of those folks have extra test strips to sell and can really use some extra money.

I lived in the Detroit area for 12 years and am excited to return and offer our great service to the people of Detroit.

So, as 2015 gets started, I am looking forward to visiting and establishing some new roots in Motown!


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