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We buy diabetic supplies.

We buy diabetic supplies.

With all of the diabetic supplies you must keep track of, please keep in mind that you can sell extra diabetic test strips at any time here at Test Strip Search.

As soon as someone is diagnosed with diabetes they almost immediately are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of equipment and supplies that become part of their lives.  There are blood glucose monitors, diabetic testing strips, lancets, syringes and insulin.   The supplies needed to monitor and treat diabetes can take up an entire medicine cabinet.  Most diabetics have a small supply they carry with them so they can monitor and treat their diabetes from wherever they are.

There are times when a diabetic has more supplies than he or she needs.  This happens often when the person with diabetes or their doctor changes their blood glucose monitor.  Diabetic testing strips are specific to these monitors, so often the diabetic has extra testing strips that he or she cannot use.

Keep in mind, there are thousands of diabetics out there who cannot easily afford their diabetic supplies.

If you have extra diabetic supplies, especially the expensive diabetic testing strips, you can sell diabetic testing strips here at Test Strip Search.

When you sell your extra testing strips to us, we will make sure they are used by folks who need them.

Sell Test Strips To Test Strip Search

It has been a great, busy summer here at Test Strip Search.  We have hired two new administrative people to keep up with our busy phones.  We have dozens of regular customers here in South Bend that sell test strips to us and we are working toward attracting clients throughout the midwest to sell us their extra test strips.  We are running our business primarily through the mail and that allows us work more efficiently.  All of our  test strips go toward helping those without insurance or without the means to buy diabetic test strips, so this is really a win-win for everyone involved.  Thanks for your support!