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Learn why people who sell test strips to Test Strip Search recommend us to friends and family. Sell diabetic test strips with confidence.

Joe“The reason I like Test Strip Search is because there is no nonsense approach as there are at other companies that say things and make you jump through many hoops to qualify for them to send you remuneration and ask too many personal questions, which is not acceptable. The head of Test Strip Search, Wendy Carrier and her staff are so pleasant to talk to and they are very competitive price wise. The turnaround is quite quick, and they respond to you immediately when they receive your shipment of test strips. You should have no fear or hesitation to send your extra test strips to them.
I tried another company after talking to an individual from another competitor. I was very skeptical of his company and did more research and came up with that this person was a real unprofessional and did nothing to answer my questions. I asked them to verify the information they showed on their website, which they could not do.
If requested Wendy and her crew will send you a box to mail your test strips in and a postage paid label to make it convenient for you to mail from home. Just pack it up, attach the label, and hand it to your mail person when they deliver your mail. It’s that easy.
Joe L.


“I called in today and talked with Wendy. As usual, I was connected to someone happy, friendly and fun to talk to. Every time I call, I think, I should remember and when I’m feeling down or low, I could just call your number and I would instantly feel better just for having a great experience in talking with one of you. Definitely a mood lifter. Thank you guys for for outgoing, friendly and pleasant manners. I’ve never talked to anyone here who wasn’t happy and totally pleased to be doing what they are doing. If I had a company of my own now, part of the training process would be to have each person call you to learn how to answer the phone and handle our customers. You guys are just the best. My picture, I hope, shows how good I feel after talking with you.”
Linda C.

20150114_173816“I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the many things your wonderful company has made possible over the last few years. Sure, there are the incidentals that make life bearable. Gas for the car, tissue paper for….personal use. etc. But then there are the things that make life wonderful. Our Netflix and Hulu, which wouldn’t be possible without your help. The bike tires that often need replacing when my five children realized how cool it is to skid to a stop in front of their friends. The bike seat that made the awesome 10 speed ….. threw out down the street complete. I could go on and on, especially with the holidays coming. I’m sure, with your continued assistance, this will be another great Christmas at the Ortiz home. Especially if we get another post card to put on our mantle from our friends at Test Strip Search. Please make sure the entire office knows just how valuable each and every one of you are and we will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.”
Louis O.


” Not only can I help others, but it helps me also (money wise and feeling good that others can get assisted). I have to reach out for help with everyday services also, food, electricity and most recently assisting to help me with cleaning. So at the end of the day we are helping each other. That’s a good thing!!”

Tammy M. – Clifton Park, NY



“If anyone were to ask me how I like working with Test Strip Search, I could honestly say I love them to death. The staff are all really nice people and are very helpful. I’ve never met any of them, but they are like family to me. It makes me proud to be able to help other people.”

Amerine W. – Gary, IN



“Over time my doctor was prescribing me more test strips that I needed. Most of them were left in the back of my drawer. I always wanted to help others and at the same time make a little money for myself. That’s when I found an ad in the paper and the rest is history. Sending my test strips was easy and the money was deposited into my account the next day. My relationship with Test Strip Search has been great and I hope to continue it.”
Ronald L.

test strip search


“I am so grateful that Test Strip Search was there for me when my wife got sick and we needed extra money to buy food. Selling the extra strips we did not use made it possible to make it through a very hard time.”
Paul M. – Ramona, CA

“I have been dealing with them for about a year and they have done well by me”
Wesley T. – Colombus, OH

“Did business with them for the first time!! Great, honest company!!”
Joyce E. – Boonville, IN

“Great business have done business with them for a few years now”
Angela R. – Reserve, LA

“I’ve been sending my extra strips to this company for many years and always get my check right away and always great customer service when and if needed!!! Thanks again!!!”
Sherry M.

“Love you guys, you work really fast & offered better prices”
Williams K.

“You guys are GREAT!! I have currently sent 2 orders to you guys and have had no issues!.. I called inquiring about pricing on a Sunday and I got a call back just about INSTANTLY! I will recommend you guys to everyone I know that has extra strip and needs some extra cash! keep up the good work!”
Robert B.

“I love Teststripsearch. They are always very friendly and professional. They are extremely prompt with payments.I have been doing business with them for many years now and their payments are better than others and I love the fact that you have choices of check or money order in case you don’t have a bank account you can cash a postal money order for no fee taken from it. I will never use any other test strip company……Thank you.”
Gwen D.

“Test Strip Search is a great company as they want to help those with diabetes, who cannot afford to pay for test strips, be able to monitor, their glucose levels.”
David M. – Acton, MA

“I’m very happy to have found Test Strip Search and I will always be a customer. They work very fast and nice on the phone.”
Anne B. – Seattle, WA

“I like Test Strip Search because they are polite, courteous and they pay on time.”
R. Pierce

“You have touched our lives. We can do so many things, thanks to your help. Thanks to companies like Test Strip Search bills get paid, rent is made. So many worries are laid to rest. Birthday presents, school lunches, even visits from the Tooth Fairy. These are the ways you help our lives. Could we do these things before? Sure, if we took from another bill or or let something get shut off. And now, these worries are severely lessened. For that the words “thank you” seem too small. So please accept those until I can find some better ones.”
J. Ortiz

“I saw your ad in our local Pennysaver and contacted your company, where I was greeted by a very polite and efficient sales person.  She instructed me as to what to do, and sent me a box and return label to send in my strips.  This arrived in a matter of days.  I sent in the test strips and was contacted again by your very efficient sales person, who stated to me that I would be receiving a money order for $30.00, which I did in fact receive in a very short time.  Thank you from this senior citizen for your help and support.”
Marlene F.

“The reason I like Test Strip Search is that I can receive extra cash while helping others that can’t afford it.I hope that others are able to help as well. If I win, I would donate the money for charity.”
Angel G.

” I have been sending items to Test Strip Search for a few years now. It is a wonderful program. The interaction with the staff is always professional and pleasant. I appreciate all that they do for others and the reward I reap when I contribute. They keep in contact and are always just a phone call away. I get paid and free shipping for my items; you cannot beat that!!!!I look forward to all future transactions with this company. They are supportive and I am loyal to them.”
T. Moyer Bowie, MD

“I am always willing to help folks that are in need of blood sugar test strips, to monitor their glucose levels. If someone cannot purchase them at full price l am only too happy to help out with my contribution. Thanks for providing this special needs exchange program.”

“I like Test Strip Search because I feel they do good things in the diabetic community, there turnaround time is exceptional! I have told anyone that will listen about this opportunity and I hope everyone joins you in all the good you do!”
Michael L.

“I love working with this company, they are always quick with the payments and keep you posted throughout the entire process. It is rare that you find such a company in today’s society.”
Gregg R.

“As I’ve said before, as a past diabetic knowing the expense of test strips I am glad that you are in business helping others in this and other endeavors. Even better are the staff I have spoken with on every occasion, now there is a place I believe would be a great place to work. Keep it up.”
Gary C.

“I am a new client of Test Strip Search. First of all, the staff of Test Strip Search is very kind and informative. Second, this organization helps others that are less fortunate. Third, the turnaround time on receiving funds for the Test Strips is always consistent and on time. I am glad to be a part of helping others. Thank you Test Strip Search.”
Timothy S.

“I have to tell you how much I enjoy working with the people who answer the phones at your company. Every single one of them answers the phone with such warmth and happiness, it puts me in a good mood to hear them greeting me as a caller. Each of the people I have dealt with sounds like they are so happy to hear from me and so happy to be of assistance to me. And then I compare them to the sales clerks and floor people at the larger stores who are often surly and resistant to helping people. I am so impressed with your company and how such an awesome team has been put together. They put others in their line of work to shame. And I applaud your company; and I certainly applaud even more the people who have helped me.When I am through with the call, I am in such a good mood. The people on the phones seem to be so happy for me that I am going to sending in my extra strips and getting paid for them. And they even call me when my test strips arrive at the company and pleasantly tell me when they are mailing my money order.I have owned and operated three business in my career, starting the best two from scratch and building them from the ground up. I know how hard it is to find the right people for the job (My first business was personnel agency for clerical and secretarial positions.) And it is also difficult to find people who are consistently at the top of their game. It takes a special person to be so involved and happy with their work day after day. I say kudos again to your phone team.Thank you for my opportunity to interact with these great workers. As I have said, they ALWAYS leave me smiling even from a short conversation since they are so pleased with their work and it shows through so much. You guys should write a book about how you train and implement these fine people. You could turn the tide of the diminishing great work ethic that used to exist in America. So many companies and individuals in their dealing with others would benefit immensely. I look forward to more interchanges with your staff. Thank you again for being there for me.”
Linda C. – Surprise, AZ

” I like being part of the Test Strip Search because it helps others who cannot afford the expensive test strips and I have extras and can afford to share. It makes me feel good to be able to help others. Now I also get a chance to win money with my testimony!! Keep on helping people!! ”
Cathy R. – Rhinelander, WI

“Dealing with Test Strip Search, has restored my faith in people. I can trust Test Strip Search, they send me a prepaid shipping label, it’s so easy to use, just drop in a mailbox. When Test Strip Search receives my box they always call me and say my check will go out in the mail the next business day. I am always paid in 2 days. It’s nice to know I’m helping others.”
Lois H. – Canton, OH

Bonnie G.

“I have been with your company for two years. In this period of time I have had a couple of small problems but you solved them in a very short period of time. I can say that your staff is very professional, expeditious, and very caring. I look forward to working with you for a long time. Your excellence is unsurpassed. Thanks for all the help you have given me.”
Artie V.

“You guys are always nice on the phone and what you’re doing is very generous to us and the needy. Keep up the good work. Thanks”
Robert R.

“What a refreshing experience. I was very skeptical when I read your ad in a local PennySaver, but decided to call anyway. I had some test strip discs that I no longer had use for, but still had plenty of time left on the expiration date. Your representative, Julia, was most helpful, and gave me a surprisingly generous quotation over the phone. I received your prepaid mailer in a few days, and sent the discs to you. Exactly as promised, I got a call from you verifying you received the package, that the test strip discs were acceptable, and I was told to expect payment in a few days. I received payment yesterday in the exact amount you promised.I’m going to be sure to share this information with my PCP, as I’m certain other patients of his are in the same situation as I am. I receive test strips from a national, and very reputable, prescription service, and they have removed the test strips I sent to you from their formulary. They promised to continue to send them, but at an extremely increased cost, or gave me the option of one of two strips they have standardized on.I might add that advertisement space did not allow you to tell me that you support JDRF, a Foundation near to our family’s heart. Not only did I receive a payment for surplus discs, but I’m really happy to help support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Thank you for your honest, rapid, and reputable service.”
John D.


“I love the fact you are helping people. You also have the best prices around. Thank you.”
Gary S.

“I like doing business with Test Strip Search because they are courteous and pay fair prices promptly.”
Ernest M. – Woodbridge, NJ

“I like Test Strip Search because they help people who can’t afford to buy their testing supplies and it puts a little money in my pocket.”
Eugene C.

“I love using TSS because it’s fast, easy and dependable! I always know I’m getting the best price and the best service!”
Moira S. – Clarion, PA

“Hi, my name is Monica. Sending my test strips helps me know that helping people makes a better difference in myself conscious and makes me feel a lot happier that it could save a person’s life.”

Why I Like Test Strip Search
Very friendly staff
Provides labels and boxes
Knowledgeable girls

Quick turn around time
Call to tell me they got box,
Check is in the mail

I wanna thank you
For helping me help others
Diabetes sucks

You have God’s blessing
Providing medical needs
For diabetics

It’s healing to help
So many people need you
Keep up the good work.

Hey Test Strip Search girls
I sure could use the money.
Live on fixed income.
Lisa N.

“I just want to thank you for helping me, help you, help others. I work with Test Strip Search monthly, each month I receive a phone call stated my strips have reached the office and my check will be leaving the next morning. What they do is just exceptional as I do depend on that check. Keep up with the positive work you do as always, it’s a pleasure doing business with your all.”

“As a diabetic who recently lost over 100 pounds. I no longer need to test as often as before, and find myself with extra supplies. Passing my extra test strips along gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, because I know I am helping someone less fortunate than myself. Amen to Test Strip Search for doing this deed as a win-win for all.”
Gary C.

“My name is Shaiann. I have been sending my test strips to your company for a while now. I like how easy it is and how your company supplies a paid shipping label. I like being able to help other people who can’t afford test strips. I always have unused test strips and I like being able to help someone who can’t afford the test strips.”
Shaiann H.

“The way you do business is really a glimpse of a time when honor and fairness and truth were the most important things.”
Julia R. – Pasedena, CA

“I hope your day is well. I’m sending a brand new accu-chek aviva monitor also 9 boxes of strips. I again want to thank you for all the love you give to my family. I truly appreciate everything. We are getting ready to move so all the money I can save up helps. You all are amazing. Thank you very much.”
Katherine P. – Belen, NM

“Thank you very much. I did receive payment for my test strips as you had promised. I am thoroughly amazed by how fast it was to get paid for sending you my extra testing supplies. I know that they will be put to good use by someone in need of them instead of just sitting around on a shelf in my house waiting to be used or discarded. I am happy with your service and look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Take care and have a wonderful day.I have to admit I was very skeptical at first about sending you my extra testing supplies but now, whatever doubt I had about is no more. I will most assuredly be doing future business with from this moment on.”
John C.

“Thank you so much for all your kindness towards myself and kids. I love this company and you all have helped myself and kids in our time of need. We just want you all to know we appreciate all of you. Thank you for everything. Have a wonderful day and week.”
Katherine P., Belen, NM

“Wendy, Thank you for doing business. The money is useful to pay rent.”
Angela F. – Toledo, OH

“Hello, we wanted to thank you for your kindness. You guys are amazing and in no way had to send two $5 McDonalds gift cards for my boys. They were thrilled. I took them after school to get goodies and they had a smile from ear to ear. Thank you a million. That was the nicest and most generous thing anyone has done for my kids. Thank you very much. You guys are truly amazing in every way. God bless you all.”
Theresa T., Palatka, FL

“I’m loving this company so much. Its a very honest upfront company I have referred 6 of my friends they also love it.”
Theresa T.

“I wanted to let you know how happy I am that we found your company just when we needed you most. We’ve fallen on a rough patch, as some people do. But thanks to you folks we can start to make ends meet. Enclosed please find our test strips. If you could please send the remainder of the payment to…. Thank you, again, for being such wonderful people and helping our family. Take care and know that you are all in our prayers, thoughts and hearts.”
Louis O. – New Jersey

“Thank you ladies for having a heart of gold and helping elderly people. God Bless your sweet and thoughtful hearts. I ‘m very glad to be of some help. Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year.”
Jeannette A. – Lexington, KY

“I have worked with you three times now and each and every transaction has been smooth and fast. I am so grateful for what you and your ladies do and the extra money always comes in handy!”
Lisa S. – Elkart, IN

“I appreciate the ACH deposit. It saves me so much time and especially since my surgery I just hate running errands. You guys are great!”
Jim G., Pittsburg – PA

“Thanks again for a pleasant and easy transaction. It feels so good to know my extra diabetic test strips are going to a good cause. Lisa was very helpful when I lost my original mailing label and I appreciate all she did. You guys are great!”
Sara B. – Paw Paw, MI

“I am very impressed at how fast you worked and how honest you guys are. You did exactly what you said you were going to do. Your help is very much appreciated!”
George S. – Thorndale – PA

“In accordance with you instructions, I am submitting the enclosed diabetic test strips for your purchase. Please find them enclosed. “Thank you for your kind, courteous and prompt consideration in this matter. I anxiously look forward to your reply. I am happy to have found your business and am anxious to do business with you.”
Paul S. – Ebensburg, PA

“That box got there fast! I’m so glad you’ve gone to sending labels instead of boxes–we talked about that during our initial conversations–to minimize your expenses. Good for you! And I’ll be happy to refer you to others…my sister and I were recently discussing how often one can change glucometers so I’ll see if she has any strips to send you. Thanks for your prompt communication. You and your team and really efficient, pleasant, and courteous.”
Suzanne D. – Eagleville, PA

“Please pay me with a check that I can take to the bank and cash. Thank you so much for all your time and consideration. I think what you are doing as a company is wonderful.”
Claude F. – Loudon, TN

“I just wanted to say thank you for timely reimbursement for the diabetic test strips. I checked out multiple site on the web before I chose your company. Some offered more money, but had complaints with the BBB, while the majority I checked with were not members of the BBB. If I have additional surplus strips to sell in the future, I will certainly do business with you again.”
Jeff A. – Port Smith, AR

“Just wanted to let you know I am sending a box in again next month. My grandma seems to have extra testing strips every time I visit her! I can use the extra money to take her out to lunch.”
Joanne B. – Midland, MI

“Thanks a million for helping me find a home for these extra diabetic test strips. I feel like you guys are doing a lot of good over there and I really appreciate it!”
Eric J. – Miami, FL

“Ladies, Many thanks once again for the extra money. I received my check today and it is going to help out a lot this month. Looking forward to working with you again…”
Sara H. – Chicago, IL

“To All Those Who Helped Me and my 6 year old daughter Simone: We had a wonderful birthday. I took her to the movies. This was her first movie. We saw The Great and Powerful Oz. So send no money this time because you already paid me more than you will ever know. Thank you so much!”
Joseph C. – Gary, IN

“Dear Wendy, Thank you so much for the good you do for people in need, and thank you for the financial help. Dave and I are deeply grateful.”
Lori K. – Lansing, MI

“Dear Wendy, Thank you for your recent gift to JDRF. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and is supporting the best diabetes research in the world.”
Jeff Adams
JDRF Board President
Indianapolis, IN

“I wanted to let you know that I received the money order for the test strips today. Whenever I have any extras I will send them to you. What you are doing is awesome and I will be telling my friends about your organization.”
Lori A. – Petersburg, TN

“Thanks for the speedy delivery of payment. It is evident that you run an efficient, professional business, but with a dedicated human touch. Thanks for your work and caring people like you. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone with diabetic products to sell or donate.”
Ann S. – Minnetonka, MN

“Hey Girls, We got our check yesterday and it was under a week turn around, thanks and we will send all my friends to you guys and am sure my business will always be with you. Thanks again.”
Quinna H. – Bath, IL

“Wendy, I hope you had a very blissful holiday and a happy new year. Thank you for the book, I plan on enjoying it soon. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.”
Chaundra S. – Lansing, MI

“Wendy, Good to hear from you again this year! I hope that you have a Merry Christmas! You are doing a great thing and you will be blessed.”
Jamie S. – Norcross, GA

“Hey Wendy, I got your phone message about the $168.00 you would be sending us. That is just awesome! Not only because I am getting the money, but also because all those supplies will not go to waste and someone will get to use them. Thank you. I will be contacting you again when I have accumulated more.”
Jackie S. – Washington D.C.

“Sending in eight boxes this time. Thank you for the Christmas book-that was a nice surprise! Happy New Year!”
Deb B. – Jefferson, OH

“Thank you so very much! I guess this is one treat about being Type 1 Diabetic for 41 years:) As mentioned, I am packing up and getting ready to sell my home. I may come up with some more. Thanks again.”
Deb S. – Eagle, ID

“I am pleased to see that you are able to take my extra supplies and provide them to people that are in need of them. Again, thank you for your help, and I appreciate everything you are doing to help myself and others.”
Frank D. – Clearfield, PA

“Many thanks to all of you for your kindness and patience.”
Sallie S. – Waycross, GA

“Here are the diabetic test strips that we discussed in our telephone conversation last week. I appreciate your offer to purchase them from me. In the past I just threw the unused test strips away. Finding your recycling service is like finding a treasure! I am looking forward to receiving your check in my mail. Thank you.”
Linda Y. – West Milton, OH

“I was so glad to be able to help out with the test strips. I am looking forward to working with you guys again.”
Tomas H – Lansing, MI

“Wendy, Thank you for the list of products that you use at your business. I found two more boxes so there is six in all. This helps me be able to afford my other supplies. Thanks also for the $1.00 per box raise! It helps!”
Joe W, Ft. Wayne IN

“I had acquired several boxes of extra diabetic test strips after the doctor told me I could cut back on testing. I wasn’t sure what to do with all the extra strips, I certainly didn’t want to throw them away. I was very excited to find an outlet where I could sell test strips. I was paid right away and I am so glad to know the strips are going to good use.”
Ben P. – South Bend, IN

“My grandfather died recently and we discovered he had been hoarding diabetic testing strips. We gave many of the boxes to friends, but we still had extra. I contacted Test Strip Search and found a great place to sell test strips. Plus, I made some good money. Thanks!”
Kendra S. – Niles, MI

“Test Strip Search paid me exactly what they said they would in a timely fashion. I will definitely be coming back!”
Linda L – Orlando, FL

“I ended up with lots of diabetic test strips I couldn’t use after switching meters. I was very excited to learn I could get paid diabetic test strips. Test Strip Search paid me exactly the way they said they would. I would recommend them highly!”
Brenda H. – Sandusky, OH

“I ended up with a lot of extra diabetic strips after the Dr. told me I could cut back on testing. I didn’t know what to do with them–I don’t know any other diabetics. Test Strip Search was a good answer. I was able to sell test strips to you guys quickly and easily.”
Paul P. – Lansing, NY

These are just a few of our clients who sell test strips to us. Sell test strips to a reliable and reputable buyer of test strips. We have served over 10,000 clients since we began!

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