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Waste Not, Want Not — Sell Diabetic Test Strips!

Posted by wendy in Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Sell Diabetic Test Strips

My grandmother often used the term, “Waste not, want not” when she wanted to encourage saving something for later use, or discourage throwing away a thing that had value. Growing up in the depths of the Great Depression, she, like many of her generation, were very sensitive to wasteful habits. You probably know someone who lives by the same creed, but still you may be asking yourself,

“What does this have to do with selling diabetic strips?”

Well, quite a lot, if you think about it. Diabetic test strips are valuable to many diabetics who use test strips to check their blood glucose periodically. If something is valuable, it shouldn’t go to waste, right? The saying suggests that avoiding wasteful behavior prevents being in need later. And avoiding waste helps not only you, but others, by keeping valuable things like test strips in the supply stream, rather than throwing them out. So if you have extra test strips to sell, there are multiple beneficiaries when you sell your strips to Test Strip Search.

1. You benefit.  We pay you top dollar for your diabetic test strips, and we pay your shipping. Getting money for your extra test strips is a worthy motivation, of course. But you can also experience a sense of relief when you release unneeded items that clutter your home. You can feel a sense of helping others when you sell your strips, knowing that Test Strip Search will get your test strips into the hands of people who need them.

2. We benefit. When we buy your strips, we help transfer a commodity, diabetic test strips, from people who have extra strips to people who need them. We need sellers of test strips to make it possible to supply needed diabetic testing supplies to those in need. When we buy your test strips, it helps us achieve our company’s purpose.

3. Others in need benefit. Many diabetics lack insurance coverage, and must buy test strips from retailers at a very high cost. Some have insurance, but the coverage amount for diabetic test strips falls short of their need, based on their testing frequency. There are other reasons why people need test strips but cannot afford them; no matter what the reason, when you sell your test strips to us, diabetic in need can benefit from your action.

4. JDRF benefits. We donate a portion of our profits to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Buying diabetic strips allows us to support this research organization which is committed to finding a cure for diabetes.

There is a reason some sayings fall out of use, while others persist for generations. Waste not, want not is good advice for anyone.

And if you are looking someone to buy test strips, call Test Strip Search 1-855-5STRIPS, or use our handy Test Strip Quote widget above. We can help you sell your test strips, and make sure those valuable diabetic supplies don’t go to waste!

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