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We know that folks interested in selling diabetic strips also have interest in other diabetic websites. We have compiled a list of our favorites.

American Diabetes Association

A great resource loaded with current information on living with diabetes.  This site contains the latest research and reports about diabetes.  It also contains relevant information regarding potential cures and help for diabetics and their families.

Mayo Clinic Diabetes Information

Very specific health information about diabetes.

Stop Diabetes!

A site dedicated to working together to stopping diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Our favorite charity.  This site provides loads of info about Type 1 diabetes and the search for a cure.

Diabetic Newsletter

Recipes, recent news and a free newsletter.

Diabetes Forum

Connect with over 100,000 other diabetics in a lively forum environment.

Diabetes Mine

The blog Diabetes Mine provides diabetes-related news, reviews, interviews, guest posts, cartoons, and Q&A sessions.

Kids Health Diabetes Center

Diabetes information for kids.

Children With Diabetes

The online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes.

Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation

Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, Inc. connects, supports and educates people living with diabetes by encouraging open and meaningful discussion of current issues impacting diabetes care through the use of social media and other platforms


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