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Bringing PASSION To Our Job – Buying Diabetic Test Strips!

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Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Passion for buying diabetic test strips?


Anyone who knows me, knows I am an constantly looking for the best and brightest in all that I see and do.  In my constant reading I come across gurus–over and over again—who advise that we should “follow our passion.”  Steve Jobs is famous for telling people to follow their passions at a commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005.  Great advice for the small percentage of folks who have determined exactly what their passion is!  For the rest of us, Cal Newport’s advice of bringing passion to whatever we do, wherever we are, might be more inspiring.

When asked about my passion, I don’t think I’ve ever said “My passion is buying diabetic test strips!”  I do completely enjoy buying diabetic strips, but where my passion comes through is in building a strong, honest and useful business that serves people.  Our business of buying test strips serves the diabetics we buy extra test strips from as well as the diabetics who get to buy diabetic supplies at a discount.  The business model of buying strips also serves five people with either part time or full time employment.  This is where my passion shows.

I enjoy getting to know our clients—the folks we buy test strips from.  This business has allowed me to form relationships with people all over the country.  We buy strips from folks who we would never get to know in any other fashion.  Some folks like to talk to us about things other than diabetes–and that is fine with us!  Part of our business is sharing and caring and helping.  If we can make a phone call or send a card that changes a person’s day–that is where our passion shows through.

Also, when I know that some proceeds from redistributing diabetic test strips are helping my employees feed their families or send their kids to school, that also inspires me.  Our business of buying diabetic test strips also allows us to donate every quarter to charity—and that inspires passion.

When I was a little girl dreaming about what I might do when I grew up, I never considered a business of buying diabetic test strips.  But if you would have told me I’d have a business that allowed me to help others—both in my community and nationwide—and connect with people, I think I would have smiled and known I was onto something good!

Bring passion to whatever YOU decide to do.

We bring passion to buying diabetic test strips!



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