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Is it legal to sell diabetic test strips?

At least once a week a potential client asks us if it is legal to sell diabetic test strips.  The answer is always the same—if you obtained your test strips legally, then it is 100% legal for you to sell your test strips.  Diabetic test strips don’t require a prescription (you may have a prescription for them, but anyone can buy test strips with our without a prescription.)  Therefore, selling your test strips to us is no different than selling your test strips in a garage sale.  Diabetic strips are not a regulated item and if you have extra you are not going to use, not only is it legal to sell them, it is ethical.  Someone else who needs diabetic test strips them will be able to buy them at a discount.

What is unfortunate is when diabetic test strips that aren’t needed are thrown away.  The cost of diabetic supplies at the retail stores is outrageous and many folks simply cannot afford them.  Selling your extra test strips creates a “win-win” situation–you get extra money for items you don’t need and another diabetic benefits when they can buy test strips at a significant discount.

Test Strip Search always keeps client and customer information confidential–and we applaud you for selling your extra testing strips so that others can afford them.  We have helped thousands of individuals get the diabetic supplies they need.

Test Strip Search also uses proceeds from our business to support two local clinics and makes a donation to JDRF each and every quarter. So the next time you hear someone ask “Is it legal to sell diabetic test strips?” you now know that selling test strips is both legal and ethical.  Thanks for your support.

Wendy, Lisa, Brenda and Jess


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