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JDRF…Our favorite charity

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In 1970, JDRF, or Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, was founded with one mission in mind: Find a cure for Type One diabetes.

Type One Diabetes (T1D) occurs when one’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables one to receive energy from food. When people with T1D eat, the sugar is absorbed almost immediately, leading to dangerously high blood sugar while the separately taken insulin soaks in.

JDRF scientists have figured out a new way to get insulin into your system faster, by warming the site of insulin infusion. With that, it can take as much as 35 minutes less for insulin to soak in- and that’s just one of their many accomplishments. JDRF has been making movements toward the cure for 42 years.

JDRF’s most recent breakthrough was in 2008. They found that people with type one diabetes who regularly use CGM (continuous glucose monitors) devices to help manage blood sugar found a significant improvement in blood sugar control, while reducing the risk of blood sugar emergencies.

JDRF is yet to cure T1D, but they have made lots of great research towards the cure. There are many activities that one can participate in to help their research, the most popular being Walk to Cure Diabetes, Ride to Cure Diabetes, and Team JDRF. Thousands of people at over 200 locations participate in each of these events, raising thousands of dollars for research toward the cure. Each state has different activities to work towards the cure, but Walk to Cure Diabetes is nearly nationwide.

JDRF is the largest charitable contributor towards the cure to T1D. Founded by parents of children with T1D 42 years ago, JDRF will continue research until the cure in found.

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