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Insulin—Why and Where

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Insulin: Why and Where                                                                                                                                               

Insufficient productions of insulin, defective insulin, or cells’ inability to use insulin are all different reasons one could contract diabetes. (Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of one’s pancreas that encourages your body to drain glucose from your body, store it, and use it for the necessary processes. The major issue in type one diabetes is that a destructive process may happen to the pancreas, causing lack of insulin in the body. In type two diabetes, there is a lack of beta cells, causing elevated blood sugars. In some types of diabetes, the cells’ inability to utilize glucose causes “starvation in the midst of plenty” where the glucose leaves the body without being used at all.

People with both types of diabetes take insulin at necessary times, usually through a shot. The insulin can help with blood sugar levels and ability to get nutrients from food.


The best way to store insulin depends on when you plan to use it. Room temperature insulin in most comfortable to inject. Most insulin should remain potent for at least twenty-eight days unless it is exposed to temperatures below 36 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Insulin intended for future use can be kept in a refrigerator, best kept between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 46 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any colder and insulin will freeze and become unusable.


It is best to talk to your pharmacist or whoever supplies you with insulin for more specific directions on storing your insulin.

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