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Selling your diabetic test strips is simple. Follow this guide and email us at or call us at 855 578 7477 with any questions.

1) Check your boxes of diabetic test strips.

Note the brand and expiration date and make certain they are factory sealed. Please leave stickers on. We will remove it once we receive it. You can use a felt tip marker to cover up personal information. Removing stickers can cause damage to the boxes.

We aim to buy diabetic test strips that are in good condition!

2) Fill out our quote form.

You can also email us the information at We will provide a quote quickly OR call us at 855 578 7477 to give quotes and answer questions.

3) Package the diabetic test strips securely in a box and print out our postage paid shipping label below:




4) Include your quote.

Printed form, email or a handwritten copy of the quote. Also include your email address and home address in the package.

5) We will send a payment for your diabetic test strips to your address within 24 hours of receiving the strips.

We are happy to pay by check, ACH deposit, PayPal or postal money order.  We will also reimburse shipping expenses.

6.)  You can use your own postage (we will pay you back) and mail to us at:

Test Strip Search

51099 Bittersweet Rd.  STE B

Granger, IN  46530

You can be confident when you sell test strips at Test Strip Search! Sell diabetic test strips to a reputable company.

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Simple Guide to Selling Diabetic Testing Strips (one minute video)

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