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After 9 years of buying diabetic test strips, we have developed a streamlined system that works! We make selling your diabetic test strips a simple and straight-forward process. Even if it is your first time to sell test strips, you will find the process to be an easy, predictable experience.

We’ve answered thousands of questions about selling diabetic test strips over the years, and below are a few common questions about the process involved when we buy diabetic test strips.

If you don’t see your question answered, (or just prefer to talk to a human), call our toll-free number, 855-578-7477, and one of our knowledgeable customer service staff will be happy to walk you through the steps of selling test strips and answer all of your questions about selling your diabetic testing strips.


Q. What are the rules and requirements for selling my diabetic test strips? Is it a lot of work and hassle?

A. We work hard to make it easy for you to sell test strips. We want to buy your test strips, so we tell you up front what we accept and what we pay. Our guidelines are simple:

  1. We buy FACTORY-SEALED, UNOPENED AND UNDAMAGED BOXES of most brands of diabetic test strips. Diabetic test strips must be no less than 120 days away from the imprinted expiration date.
  2. We pay TOP DOLLAR for your boxes of diabetic test strips.
  3. We pay for you to ship your diabetic test strips.
  4. We pay you WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving your diabetic test strips.
  5. We have someone available to take your call, give you a quote on selling diabetic test strips, or in the event of a question or problem from 9 am-9 pm, Monday – Saturday.

No hassle, no run-around, no paperwork, no unanswered phone calls or emails. We strive to make selling diabetic test strips as pleasant as possible, because we want you to sell us your diabetic test strips again, so we do the work it takes to EARN YOUR BUSINESS. If you need proof, check out our many TESTIMONIALS.


Q. Do you buy all brands of diabetic test strips?

A. We do buy most major brands of diabetic test strips. To find out if we buy your brand of test strips, fill out the Fast Quote Form at the top right of the page. This handy widget allows you to see exactly what price we are currently paying for your brand of diabetic testing strips. We are always buying the following brands:


FreeStyle Lite

Bayer Contour

Breeze 2

One Touch Ultra

Accu-Chek  (most varieties)


If you don’t see your brand of diabetic test strips listed, call the office, or use the Fast Quote Form to get a quick response to sell your test strips.


Q. Can I sell diabetic test strips in different quantities?

A. You can sell your diabetic test strips to us in whatever quantity you choose. We buy factory-sealed, unopened, undamaged boxes of many brands of test strips – from one box of one brand, to many boxes of several brands of diabetic testing strips. So long as the box is unopened, undamaged, and there are at least 120 days before the printed/stamped expiration date, we can pay you cash for diabetic test strips in any quantity.


Q. Can I sell other diabetic supplies? Do you buy other diabetic testing supplies besides diabetic test strips?

A. We can occasionally buy sealed, unexpired diabetic meters and lancets. Please call the office at 855-578-7477 to find out if we are buying these supplies at this time.


Q. Do you guarantee the quoted price for my diabetic test strips?

A. Our highest priority is to have an honest, hassle-free and positive transaction when buying diabetic test strips. We are a reputable buyer of test strips. We work very hard to assure that we provide you with an accurate quote for your testing strips. In exchange, we ask that you provide an accurate, complete description of the test strips you would like to sell. To assure that we provide you with the best estimate, please make sure your boxes of test strips match your description. We are unable to purchase opened or damaged boxes of diabetic test strips. The price we quote is based on buying your unopened, undamaged boxes. Price adjustments are available for slightly damaged boxes – please call the office and speak to a customer service representative if you have questions about the condition of your box of test strips.


Q. My boxes of diabetic test strips are slightly damaged. Do you accept boxes that are dented or creased or with other minor defects?

A. Our best price for testing strips is for undamaged boxes. If you have slight damage, we recommend that you call the office to get an adjusted price quote. It is better to accurately describe your test strip boxes so that you can receive a price quote that reflects the condition of your boxes. We are unable to purchase opened or damaged boxes of diabetic testing strips.


Q. What do I do about the labels on my boxes of diabetic test strips? Should I remove them?

A. Please do not try to remove the labels yourself. You will very likely cause damage to the box, which can make them unsalable or can adversely affect the price. WE DO THE REMOVAL! We have a special room in our office where we keep all the tools, solutions and instruments necessary to remove things like pharmacy labels, price stickers, etc. If you wish to protect your personal information, please neatly mark through your name with a black Sharpie or a marker – but be careful not to mark on the box itself. We are very sensitive to your security at Test Strip Search, and will remove and shred all labels, while maintaining the sealed integrity of the box and its contents.


Q. When can I expect payment for my diabetic test strips? How fast can I get paid?

sell test strips fast payment

A. Our goal is to pay you within 24 hours of receiving your test strips. We receive shipments and check in boxes of diabetic test strips 6 days a week. You have a number of payment options available once we receive your test strips. The payment option that you choose also affects how fast you receive payment for your test strips.


Q. What are my payment options? How do I get paid for my diabetic test strips?

A. We can pay you for your diabetic testing strips in the following ways:




ACH Direct Deposit

You choose the payment method that works best for you when you sell test strips.

Q. How can I trust you to send me the money for my diabetic testing strips?

A. We are an honest, professional company. You may rest assured that you are selling strips to a reputable buyer of test strips. We have been buying diabetic test strips from folks like you for over 9 years, and we must keep good customer relations so that our customers will sell us their strips again and again. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating – not an honor that some of the other websites can claim. We achieved that high rating by providing excellent customer service, and always striving to be as honest and helpful in all our customer transactions as possible. We have never received a non-payment complaint, in 9 years and 10,000 customers! And be assured that, by using USPS for shipping and receiving, we are held to high legal and statutory standards, and would be committing mail fraud if we did not issue a payment after receiving your test strips. So we at Test Strip Search take your business very seriously, and always aim to treat our customers with respect and an attitude of service.  Please see our TESTIMONIALS page for many examples of satisfied customer feedback.


Q. What if I have a problem with my shipment or my payment?

A. If you have any problems or questions, you can always speak directly to a customer service associate. Unlike some of the Internet businesses, we always have a real, live person available to answer your call and give you a quote to buy your test strips. If you prefer to communicate by email, you will receive a fast answer or a call-back.  When you are ready to sell your test strips, we are dedicated to providing the best experience and prompt, courteous attention to you, start to finish.


Q. Is it legal to sell my diabetic test strips?

A. Yes, diabetic test strips are an over-the-counter, i.e. non-prescription commodity, so it is legal. It is legal for us to buy your test strips, as well.


Q. How does the shipping work? Do I have to pay to ship my diabetic test strips?

sell test strips free shipping

A. There are several options to make shipping your test strips to us easy and hassle-free – and we pay for you to ship your strips:

Option 1: Use your own box and use our prepaid label. You can download our prepaid postage label, attach it to your own sturdy box, and give it to your USPS carrier or take it to your post office. Remember, with a prepaid label, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAND IN LINE! Click here to go to our MAILING INSTRUCTIONS page.

Option 2: Use your own box, pay your postage, and we will reimburse you when you sell test strips. Use standard USPS shipping, not expedited or up-charged shipping. We will reimburse you for your basic shipping charges to send us your diabetic test strips.

Option 3: Request a box and shipping label from us to sell test strips. Call 855-578-7477 and a customer service associate will determine the size of the box you need, and mail it to you, along with a prepaid mailing label.

If you have more questions about shipping, go to the MAILING INSTRUCTIONS tab at the top of the page, or click here. Or you can always call and speak to one of our charming humans!


Q. Can I sell my expired diabetic test strips?

A. We cannot purchase your expired test strips. Check with the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association to see if they can advise you about options for your expired diabetes test strips.


Q. Are you a non-profit organization?

A. We make regular and generous donations to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), but we are not a non-profit. Our business is to buy your unneeded or excess test strips and get them to folks who need them.

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