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Common Questions about Selling Diabetic Test Strips

Q: Do you buy all brands of diabetic test strips?

We purchase most major brands of blood glucose testing strips. Simply call us or fill out a quote to see what we are currently paying for your brand.  You can ALWAYS sell FreeStyle, FreeStyle Lite, Bayer Contour, Breeze 2, One Touch Ultra, Precision, True Track and True Test.

Q:  Can I sell diabetic test strips in different quantities?

Sell test strips to us in any quantity you choose.  Make sure they are extra and you no longer need them.

Q: Can I sell diabetic supplies other than test strips?

We are occasionally able to purchase sealed and unexpired diabetic meters and diabetic lancets.

Q: Do you guarantee the quoted price?
We work very hard to pay exactly what you expect for your extra diabetic test strips.  Please make sure your boxes of testing strips match your description.  We are unable to purchase opened or damaged boxes of diabetic test strips.

Q: When can I expect payment for my strips?
Our goal is to pay you within 24 hours of receiving your test strips.  We check in boxes 6 days a week.  We can pay in check, postal money order, PayPal or ACH direct deposit to your banking account.

Q: How can I trust you to send me the money?
A: We are honest and professional and aim to have clients work with us again and again.  Our phone number and email are always available and we have a live person answering your questions seven days a week.  We use USPS to ship and receive diabetic supplies–it is actually mail fraud if we fail to issue you a payment.  We have an “A” rating with the better business bureau.  We have never received a non-payment complaint.

Q: How do I sell diabetic test strips–do I have to pay shipping? 

A:  Use a box to ship your diabetic testing strips, this negates the possibility of damage during shipping.  We are happy to provide you with a box and prepaid shipping label to ship your extra diabetic supplies.  If you choose to use your own postage and supplies, we will provide reasonable reimbursement.  We always pay your shipping when you sell diabetic test strips to us!

Check out our rating and the Better Business Bureau and see why 5,000 other clients sell test strips to Test Strip Search.

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