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Famous Diabetics

Posted by wendy in About Diabetes | Type 1 Diabetes | Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes does not need to slow you down!  There are hundreds of famous folks who have diabetes.  This list is from KidzWorld.  For the entire article, go to KidzWorld.

·         Nick Jonas – This 14 year-old star of the pop rock band the Jonas Brothers was diagnosed with T1D in 2007.

·         Adam Morrison – Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 14, Adam worked hard and made it all the way to the NBA where he plays basketball.

·         Gary Hall – This Olympic athlete didn’t let type 1 diabetes stop him from earning a gold medal in swimming.

·         Mike Huckabee – This former preacher isn’t letting diabetes stop him from running for the 2008 Republican nomination in his quest to be the President of the United States!

·         Elliott Yamin – After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 16, he went on to become one of the top singers on American Idol in 2006.

·         Vanessa Williams – Not only was Vanessa the first African-American Miss America, she is also a diabetic

·         Doug BurnsMr. Universe doesn’t let his type 1 diabetes stop him from being an award-winning bodybuilder

·         Jackie Robinson – The first black man in the major leagues had diabetes.

·         Anne Rice – The famous vampire novel writer is a diabetic.

·         George Lucas – The creator of the Star Wars saga is a very mild type 2 diabetic.

·         Chris Dudley – Before Adam Morrison, Chris Dudley played in the NBA with type 1 diabetes. Now he runs the Chris Dudley Organization to help kids with diabetes.

·         Bret Michaels – The lead singer of Poison was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age six.

·         Bill and John Davidson – The big bosses at Harley Davidson Motorcycles are diabetic.

·         Mikhail Gorbachev – The former leader of the Soviet Union is a diabetic.

·         Hatshepsut – According to historians, this long-dead female pharaoh of Egypt was a diabetic.

·         Johnny Cash – The famous country musician was a diabetic.

·         Peter O’Tool – The famous actor, who voiced Anton Ego in Ratatouille, is a diabetic.

·         Elvis Presley – The former king of rock ‘n roll had diabetes.

·         Thomas Edison – The inventor of the light bulb was a diabetic.

·         HG Wells – The famed science-fiction author had diabetes.

·         Nicole Johnson – 1999’s Miss America has diabetes.

·         Kendall Simmons – Busting heads on offense for the Pittsburgh Steelers keeps this diabetic athlete busy.

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