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What You Can Expect When You Sell Diabetic Strips To Us

Posted by wendy in Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Brenda, buying diabetic strips and answering your questions.

Wondering what you can expect when you sell diabetic strips to us?

Well, to begin with–we have tons of experience buying diabetic strips.  Four years and 5,000 clients have taught us a lot–most importantly, that YOU are the most important aspect of our business.  We treat each and every client with the utmost care and respect.  YOU are the reason we are in business and you will sense that with every contact you have with the folks at Test Strip Search.

When you sell test strips at Test Strip Search you will notice many ways that set us apart from our competition.

1.)  You can always get a live person on the phone.

Who wants to leave a message or wait for a return call?   When calling to sell diabetic strips, know that you will rarely encounter our answering machine.  We have staff answering the phones six days a week.  We also have staff that take evening and Sunday calls.  When you call about selling diabetic strips, you will be able to talk to real people almost every time you call.  If you do get our answering machine, we will call you back quickly.  Your questions or concerns are the most important matter of business for us.

2.)  We pay your shipping when you sell diabetic strips to us.

We make the shipping as easy as possible and can either send you a prepaid label, a prepaid label and box or reimburse you for whatever you spend to ship diabetic strips to us.  We use the United States Postal Service because everyone has a postal carrier and it makes it easy for you when selling diabetic strips to us.

3.)  We check strips into our office six days a week.

You will hear from us on the day your test strips arrive and we will send a payment for your test strips the very next day.  We never postpone processing your strips or your payment–you can count on us to work hard so you get your money as quickly as possible.  When you sell diabetic strips to us you always get paid as fast as humanly possible.

4.) We pay for test strips in a variety of ways–we want you to be able to get paid the way that works best for you.

After you sell diabetic strips to us, you will receive either a check (drawn from Chase Bank,) an ACH deposited directly into your checking account, a PayPal payment or a Postal Money Order (free to cash at any post office.)  We will discuss these options with you and pay you in any way you choose.

5.) When you sell diabetic strips to us you can rest assured that each and every box goes to a good cause.

Most of the diabetic strips are resold at below retail to diabetics who want discounted test strips.  We also donate locally to our United Health Clinic and expired and damaged boxes are donated to our local Humane Society.  We work hard and no box of strips is ever wasted!

6.) Proceeds from this business support a handful of employees and their families.

Our business also donates to JDRF each and every quarter as well as other charitable causes.  We work hard to give back .  When you sell diabetic strips at Test Strip Search part of our proceeds will support charitable causes.

7.) You can be completely comfortable and trust the folks at Test Strip Search.

We have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and we work hard to service you and keep all of our customers happy.

When you sell diabetic strips to Test Strip Search, be assured that you are dealing with the best.


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