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Diabetic Supplies: Glucose Meters, Testing Strips and Insulin

Posted by wendy in About Diabetes | Diabetes Education and place to sell test strips

Necessary Diabetic Supplies

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with diabetes? There are a few products you will need on your shelves soon in order to manage your diabetes. Here are some of the more basic supplies you will use often to manage your diabetes.

1. Blood Glucose Testing Meter

Testing your blood sugar is crucial for a diabetic. It can identify unhealthy blood levels, judge how well treatments are working, and help you understand how diet and exercise affects blood sugar. Most diabetics test before eating and about two hours after eating. When you have not eaten, blood sugar levels should be between 70 and 130. That is the target range. Blood sugar levels should never go above 180, although for some people target ranges are different. Your doctor will give you a specific range, depending on your body size, diabetes, and metabolism levels.

2. Diabetic Test Strips

These are essential for testing blood as well. Your doctor should point you to the best brand for your diabetes. Make sure your brand is very trustworthy and reliable in order to properly test blood and manage your diabetes safely. Don’t use expired testing strips- they will not serve their purpose properly and may confuse testers.

3.  Insulin

If your diabetes requires you to use insulin, this is a must-have for you in order to manage your diabetes. Store all insulin in a cool, dry place and don’t keep it too long or it may not work as well.

Those are just a few basic supplies most diabetics need. More specific lists should be given to you when you are diagnosed. You should always have the above products at hand in case of a diabetic emergency. Make sure to obey your doctor’s advice on specific brands that would work best for your diabetes.

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