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Diabetes Symptoms

Posted by wendy in Type 1 Diabetes | Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes- just the thought seems scary. Hundreds of people are diagnosed with diabetes each day. But unfortunately, diabetes is often undiagnosed becomes the symptoms seem harmless. To decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes, read on.

If you have Type One diabetes, you may suffer from frequent urination or unusual thirst. This is often dismissed as having a cold or a dry throat. And while it may be just that, it also could mean diabetes.

You may also suffer from extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, or sudden, extreme fatigue and short temper. If any of the above happens frequently, see a doctor- this can be serious. It also may be a regular part of your life if you really do have diabetes.

Type Two can be a little trickier, as often diabetics with Type Two have no symptoms at all. So pay close attention. Also, if you have a regular checkup like many of us do, make sure to find out if you do suffer from Type Two.

Frequent infections or blurred vision often happen to the Type Two diabetics that have symptoms. This is kind of hard to ignore, so don’t just put on reading glasses and hope for the best- see a doctor.

Or if perhaps your cuts or bruises are slow to heal and you suffer from tingling or numbness in the hands or feet is another common symptom of Type Two diabetes.

Also, recurring skin, bladder, or gum infections are friend to many Type Two diabetics. Again, it’s not just because you have weak skin or a glandular problem- it might mean diabetes.

So if you suffer from some of the above- get medical attention ASAP. This may mean that you have diabetes and should begin treating it immediately to try to avoid the worst complications of this ailment.

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