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Diabetes Facts and Myths Article Two

Posted by wendy in Uncategorized

Perhaps you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes. If you have, a lot of feelings could be going through your head right now. Do you feel angry or upset? Sad? Or maybe just confused. You may also have questions. What, exactly, is diabetes? Why am I diagnosed? What do I do now? Keep reading to find the answers to your questions as well as debunk some infamous diabetic myths.

So, what exactly is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes (diabetes mellitus scientifically) is a serious health condition that causes cells to not permit glucose due to lack of insulin. Insulin is a both-gender natural hormone that is produced by the pancreas. Without insulin, you can’t grow or have any energy. Diabetes can hit you when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, causing glucose to stay in the bloodstream instead of being used for energy, causing dangerously high blood sugar.

Why have I been diagnosed? If you are now a Type One Diabetic, it may be because your pancreas produces zero insulin. If you are a Type Two Diabetic, your pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, or possibly your body doesn’t use insulin correctly. Both conditions are very serious.

What do I do now? Don’t be afraid. Take action. Monitor blood sugar levels. Take insulin (if you need it). Don’t worry about every little thing. Remember to stay calm and know diabetes is very common and you are not alone.

What have I seen about diabetes that isn’t true? First of all, diabetes in no way means you are a failure. It just addresses that your pancreas is not working totally normal so you don’t enough insulin to grow. Diabetes is a totally natural ailment- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Perhaps you’ve been told diabetics are prohibited from anything sweet. Don’t believe it for a second. You can still eat sweets- they won’t cause sudden health issues. It’s fine to eat them in moderation. However, still monitor consumption of sugary foods. Your doctor or health provider should be able to tell you when you can eat a big sugary snack.

Have you heard someone say diabetes can be spread by contact with a diagnosed person? That’s not true. Diabetes is not contagious. It all depends on your pancreas and insulin-producing cells. You can still come into casual contact with friends and family if you have diabetes.

Hopefully now you are better educated on diabetes and why you have it. Keep watching for another set of diabetic myths and the truth behind them. Thank you!

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