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Buying Diabetic Testing Strips

Posted by wendy in Buying Diabetic Testing Strips
Buying Diabetic Testing Strips

Buying Diabetic Testing Strips

Every single day we buy test strips from dozens of folks across the country.  This picture shows a typical day’s haul of diabetic test strips.  Most of our clients use one of our labels (we have an account with the post office) that charges the postage back to us.  About half of our clients use their own shipping box–the other half use a box that we provide.  We buy diabetic testing strips from a variety of people.

The mail comes daily around noon and one of our staff carefully opens each box.  They then count the diabetic test strips and look up the customer in the computer.   The customer is called and a payment is processed (we pay by ACH, PayPal, Chase bank check or postal money order.)  All payments go out either SAME DAY or NEXT DAY.  It takes about 10 or 15 minutes to check in each box.  We buy diabetic test strips from an average of 15 people per day.   A slow day is 4 or 5 boxes and our record is 54 boxes!  It can take an entire afternoon for our staff to check in the boxes of diabetic test strips.

The boxes of testing strips are then sorted into our label removal area (we have college kids remove and shred our labels) or directly into our distributor’s inventory (our distributor buys most of our strips and makes them available to folks without insurance.)  We also have a donation area (when folks donate lancets or meters or off-brand strips to us we put them here until we can take them to the clinic.)

So—if you ever wonder what happens to your diabetic testing strips once they arrive here—this is it!  Most importantly, every box of diabetic strips we receive gets into the hands of folks who cannot easily afford diabetic supplies.

Thanks for your support!

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