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This is the best place to sell diabetic test strips. Test Strip Search is a Better Business Bureau registered company!

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Want to sell test strips?  You’ve come to the right place. We are the number one buyer of test strips!

Test Strip Search is always buying diabetic test strips. Call us anytime at 855 578 7477 to sell test strips to us–we have folks standing by to speak with you.  Most of our customers sell diabetic test strips through the mail and we are experts at buying test strips through the mail!  We work quickly and efficiently. Payments are sent within 24 hours of receiving your strips.

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Test Strip Search is always buying diabetic test strips. You can call our toll-free line 7 days a week at 855 578 7477 to sell test strips. Our helpful staff can answer any and all questions about selling your test strips.  You can also visit our FAQ page.

Test Strip Search is a safe, reputable, 9 year old company, and we have helped over 10,000 clients get paid for selling their diabetic test strips. When you sell diabetic test strips to Test Strip Search, you are working with a business that has achieved and maintained an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau for 6 years.  When you sell diabetic test strips to us, you will join over ten thousand satisfied clients.

You could be thinking,

“I want to sell my strips…who would want to buy my diabetic test strips?”

“Why is someone buying diabetic test strips?”



We do– we buy diabetic test strips and make sure they get to folks who need them.  When you sell test strips to Test Strip Search, you are helping yourself and helping others.  Your boxes of diabetic test strips are made available to folks who cannot easily afford them. Your diabetic test strips also help us support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). 


No, it is not illegal to sell strips. Diabetic Test Strips are a non-prescription commodity.

Check out our “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page, which addresses your most common questions about buying and selling test strips. Or, you can email us your questions or simply give us a quick call at 855 578 7477.

We are always buying the following brands of diabetic test strips:


FreeStyle Lite

Bayer Contour

Breeze 2

One Touch Ultra

Accu-Chek  (most varieties)

Here are a few points you need to consider when you prepare to sell diabetic test strips:

  1. Your diabetic test strips must be in factory sealed boxes  We can only buy sealed boxes.
  2. We can only buy diabetic test strips that have a minimum of 90 days (approximately 3 months) before the expiration date.  The expiration date is printed on your box of test strips.  Get out your reading glasses–those numbers are small!  Call us if you need help finding the expiration date.
  3. The condition of the unopened box affects the price we pay for your diabetic testing strips. No one wants crushed or open boxes. We are glad to buy boxes with slight damage, so when you provide us with a description of the damage and we can adjust our quote to buy your test strips.
  4. Your privacy is a priority at Test Strip Search. We remove and shred all labels and stickers from boxes of testing strips with a solution that preserves the box. (You can also mark out your personal information with a felt tip marker before shipping).

Selling your diabetic test strips could not be simpler, and WE PAY FAST! You choose the payment method:


Money Order


ACH direct deposit


WE PAY YOU FOR YOUR DIABETIC TEST STRIPS plus we pay for the shipping. Payment is made within 1 business day upon receipt of your diabetic test strips.

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, meeting its rigorous standards for customer service to achieve a coveted “A” Rating. Click our BBB link below for a review of our rating. You can also see what some of our many satisfied customers say about their experiences selling diabetic test strips to Test Strip Search when you click on our TESTIMONIALS link.

So if you have been thinking, “Where can I sell diabetic test strips?” – Test Strip Search is the only name you need to know!  Use our handy Test Strip Quote to get started right now, or call 1 855 578 7477 for a phone quote.

You will join the ranks of our many clients who say — “at Test Strip Search, they buy my diabetic test strips and pay quickly!” Selling strips is easy!

Sell Diabetic Test Strips

We work hard to be the #1 website to sell test strips and the #1 buyer of test strips. We provide fast, professional and ethical service and ensure that we “say what we do and do what we say!” Sell diabetic test strips now!


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Sell Diabetic Test Strips

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